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If you've found this site searching for "femdom roleplay", you're probably looking to explore femdom and domination/submission fantasies in a distance scenario. This site offers both telephone femdom roleplay and online femdom roleplay services. Many people are interested in female domination, but are not yet ready to explore their interest in real time. Phone domination and online femdom training are perfect media for exploring your submissive side in the safely and anonymity of your own home.

Some of the interests that you can explore in a phone domination session with a phone mistress include: chastity training, strap on training, body worship, tease and denial sessions, crossdressing and feminization fantasies. Phone domination sessions are also great for general conversations about BDSM/female domination. Your call does not
necessarily have to involve an active femdom fantasy. If you're just looking to chat in general about the subject of female domination, we encourage you to call. Many times, having the opportunity to have a relaxed discussion with your Phone Mistress will make you more comfortable and relaxed when the time comes for you to have a femdom
roleplay fantasy session.

Mistress Courtney has years of experience conducting femdom phone fantasy sessions. You will find her very personable and easy to talk to, and very dominating and confident. Enjoy yourself perusing Her website, and feel free to use the email address provided to contact Her before you call for your Femdom fantasy session.

A Femdom Essay by Ms Courtney - The Basics of Femdom

What is a “Femdom”?

A “Femdom” or dominant female, is one who enjoys being in a traditionally male – led role as the dominant person in a sexual and/or intimate relationship. The Femdom phenomenon, as it were, is most often found in the BDSM community. In order to fully understand the term “Femdom” one must first have a keen grasp of the term “BDSM.” The acronym, “BDSM” cleverly combines three other acronyms into one. The three other acronyms stand for activities that are intrinsic to the BDSM Community. These activities are: Bondage and Discipline (B&D), Dominance and Submission (D&S) and Sadomasochism (S&M).

Is a Femdom a Femdom by Any Other Name?

Femdoms are not always known by the word “Femdom” nor do all Femdoms prefer that terminology. Some Femdoms use terms such as: Domina, Dominatrix, Domme, Empress, Princess, Queen, Goddess, Lady, Bitch, Countess, Top, Task Mistress, Marquesa and Mistress, to name but a few. Many Femdoms employ these words as titles, such as Mistress Courtney, or Empress Pamela, or Princess Heather. Typically, the title chosen by each particular Femdom, is indicative of her style of domination and her personality. For instance, a Femdom who chooses to go by “Princess” may very well be in her early – to mid – twenties, and, may even be in her late teens, if she is an early – blooming Femdom. Conversely, a Femdom who refers to herself as “Queen” may be a more established, perhaps even somewhat older Femdom, one who may have many underlings or servants, often known as “slaves” or “submissives.” That is not to say, that a Femdom who is younger in chronological age would always be referred to as “Princess,” nor would a woman of established age always wish to be known as “Queen.” In fact, in some cases, depending on the style and preference of the Femdom, the exact opposite could be true. In short, a Femdom’s chosen title is much more reflective of her personality and style of domination, than her age. However, it is important to note, that a Femdom’s personality and her age may be inextricably interwoven. It is always best and most courteous to ask any given Femdom, how she wishes to be addressed.

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